In the Begining

My first event ever was my son’s 6th birthday party. I spent two days painting, cutting and hot gluing to transform my garage into Gotham City. though it was a lot of work, and burned fingers,  I loved every minute of it. but Most importantly my son loved it!! my son wowed as he entered the city streets of Gotham City with family and friends. This experience paved the way in the creation of Just for you design. Since the days of creating cities in my garage, many years ago, I've expanded my area of expertise in the wedding and event industry. I now work with couples and families to create their own unique events that represent their personality and style.
Birthdays, special anniversaries, quinceara , weddings etc. are just some of the events I've had the pleasure of planning. All celebrations are special and deserve the very best attention to detail.
My entire family has given endless supported  to help me pursue my dreams of becoming an event and wedding planner. Not only am I blessed with an amazing supportive family, but I have the privilege of working  with one of the most skilled craftsman I’ve ever met, my husband. Together we embrace creative design and work hand in hand on every event. Leading up to an event you can find us both covered in paint, removing splinters or wrestling manzanita trees all to bring our clients vision to life.
Though I pride myself in keeping a non traditional approach to the event and wedding industry, I do think it's important to maintain some reverence to tradition.. My goal is to help everyone no matter their place on the budget spectrum, to have a great celebration. I strive to offer the very best service no matter the need or budget. My services are based on the needs of my clients and are customized to their vision. It is my goal and upmost desire that my clients  time and resources are used carefully and thoughtfully. I like to bring the buffet to my clients, let them sit back and choose from the array of suggested vendors I've had the pleasure of working with. I take them in a full circle, one stop shop, not wasted time,  for all of their event needs
On the day of your event you can be sure that Just for you Design is committed to you being a
Guest at your Event!!